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Our Team


Blake Fields - Director of Basketball Operations

Blake has 15 years of experience coaching and developing youth players. Blake is a Clarkton High School graduate where he participated in athletics and understands the value and reward of giving back to the community guiding the next generation of athletes. His experience instructing youth athletes provides an age-appropriate approach to developing the player, helping them find their strengths and inspiring them to improve their deficits. 

Between his love of the game and understanding how to develop players he has a unique approach for each grade level and skill level. He knows the value of basketball and team sports, as they are a great avenue to interject life long lessons. Through sports athletes will gain what they put in.

Nathan Davis - Athletic Performance Training

Nathan has been training youth athletes in the community for over 2 decades. With over 20 years experience in training high-level youth athletes, Nathan has developed a system which provides a strong foundation to enhance overall athletic performance providing athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential. Nathan has trained several athletes to the top of their game including multiple athletes receiving division 1 athletic scholarships. 

His creative approach provides well-rounded training that is motivational where athletes not only learn the benefits of performance training, but also look forward to the unique training design which is always evolving to keep them challenged and progressing. His area of expertise include a keen understanding of the performance progressions for the growing, youth athlete, helping athletes build a strong physical foundation and helping athletes establish a goal-oriented mindset.